Privacy policy

We will use personal information for the following purposes.

Used in a dental office to provide medical care to patients

When you first get a medical examination
· Create a medical record, a dental hygienist business record, etc. by submitting an interview or an insurance card through a medical application form or questionnaire form.

In providing dentist services
· We will conduct examination, various examinations, diagnosis, presentation of treatment plan (explanation and agreement), living guidance etc.
· Prevention, treatment, restoration of oral function, etc. will be performed.

In the clinical management and administration work related to patients
· We will settle the treatment costs.
· We will improve dental care services by maintaining and promoting health (mother’s education, periodontal disease prevention class etc.), announcement of periodic medical examination etc.
· We will give necessary reports for medical safety to related organizations.
· We record and manage personal information on the server of the homepage and operating company.

In medical insurance affairs, we prepare an insurance claim statement for medical billing.

Use by providing patient’s medical information outside the dental office

Dental services provided to patients
· Cooperate with other hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, nursing care support operators, etc.
· We will respond to inquiries from other hospitals, clinics, pharmacies etc.
· When seeking patients, ask other doctors, dentists etc. for opinions and advice.
· We will outsource the operation to the dental laboratory.
· To families and others Explain the condition, treatment plan, prediction after treatment, daily guidance etc.

Medical insurance affairs
· You may also consign medical insurance affairs.
· We will submit an insurance claim statement created within the dental clinic to the screening organization and submit a medical bill.
· We will respond to inquiries from the screening organization or insurer.

If you do consultation from a company etc. and perform dental checkup, we will inform the company etc. about the result.

We will consult or notify medical professionals, insurance companies etc. related to dental physician liability insurance etc.

Used to improve the quality of dental care

Operation management work in a dental office
· We will utilize it as a basic material for improving dental care services and business improvement.
· We conduct case studies at staff workshops.
· We will cooperate in clinical training of dentists and clinical practice of dental hygienists.